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Sustainable Fencing Options For Your Home

by Tara Pena

When you need to put up a fence to refine the boundaries of your property or keep a dog in your yard, you have more options than traditional wood or metal fences.  For people who are concerned about the environment, sustainable fences can be the answer to their fencing needs.

Here are some sustainable fencing solutions for you to consider:

Types of Sustainable Fencing

Sustainable fences are available in two types, manufactured fences and living fences.  Living fences are made from thick, full plants and can provide the privacy you want for your home.  The main drawback to living fences is that they require more maintenance than fencing made from manufactured materials and they may not be the best solution for keeping a dog in your yard.

Plants Used for Living Fences

Bamboo is a good option for fencing as it grows tall and can be planted for dense growth.  Bamboo can be easily grown in your yard, but you need to be careful about which type of bamboo to select, as it can be invasive and overtake your yard.  The best type of bamboo to plant is a clumping bamboo because it will not spread throughout your yard.

Hedges can be planted to provide the privacy you need from a fence.  Depending on the type of hedge that you plant, they can grow thick and tall enough to prevent your neighbors from seeing into your yard.  If privacy isn't an issue, planting smaller hedges can give your home a well-manicured look, as long as you trim them on a regular basis.

If you live in a rural area and want to keep wildlife out of your yard, planting raspberry or blackberry bushes may do the trick.  Both of these bushes have thorns and will discourage animals from pushing through them to enter your yard.  They will also provide wildlife, as well as yourself, with tasty berries.

Manufactured Fencing

Composite fencing is made from recycled materials and it looks like real wood.  Some of the materials used to make the fencing include recycled wood, recycled plastic or wheat straw.  They look great and need very little maintenance.

If you want a real wood fence, you can make a sustainable one by having your wood fence contractor use reclaimed lumber.  Using reclaimed wood keeps the it out of landfills and reduces the need to cut down trees.  It is also less expensive than new wood fences.