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What Types Of Commercial Doors Are Available?

by Tara Pena

If you own a business, security is probably one of your biggest concerns. The commercial door you choose is a big part of your security, as not all doors are created equal. There are many different ones to choose from, based on the type of business or building you have, and what your individual needs are. Here are some different types of commercial doors that are available.

Steel Security Doors

The first type of commercial door is a very sturdy security door. The steel doors are made of solid metal, which are heavy-duty and almost impossible to break into. In fact, just having these doors on your building will deter most criminals because they know how difficult it would be to get in. However, the lock is just as important as the door itself, so be sure you have a high-security deadbolt lock that is equally as difficult to break into.

Roll-Up Doors

You may have a business that requires a roll-up door as opposed to a traditional door. These types of commercial doors are commonly used in the back of shops where large items need to enter, storage units, and warehouses. Grocery stores also have large roll-up doors in the back where items are loaded onto trucks into the back room where items are sorted. Like the steel door, the lock on the roll-up door is very important.

Swinging Impact Doors

If you have a business where there are high traffic areas, you might need the use of swinging impact doors. These are double doors that swing opened and closed, without having to turn a knob. They are commonly found in warehouses, as well as kitchens of restaurants. When you have waiters and waitresses coming in and out of the kitchen constantly, you need the doors to open and close quickly. That is what a swinging impact door is going to do. They are also found in the back of large stores, leading to the stock room or warehouse area.

Commercial Garage Doors

If your commercial building has a garage or storage area, you will need to look into the different garage doors available. There are many options, depending on the type of garage and what its use is. There are metal security garage doors and aluminum if you want a sturdy, yet less expensive door. You can also get sectional doors and roll-up doors for your garage. In addition, your commercial garage might want a service door that has windows or slats so that someone can walk up, but you don't have to open the door completely.