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Safe And Stylish Options For Your Pool

by Tara Pena

Your pool area should always be safe, but that does not mean you need to sacrifice style to do so. It is best to look for alternative products that offer both safety and style when it comes to swimming pool remodeling. Once you have some additional information, you will find it easier to customize your home's pool area.

Exposed Aggregate Surface

The surface of your pool is one area that you can easily incorporate style. Exposed aggregate, for example, is one product that you can use for the surface of your pool. This product is a concrete surface that has exposed river rock as a design element.

When looking into this option, you have the ability to customize each portion of your pool. Additionally, several companies offer a large selection of color options such as shades of white, red, blue and green.

You can also use exposed aggregate for the pool's deck as well. This design option allows you to create a cohesive look that starts with the decking and continues into your pool.

One design element that helps with safety is to use different colors of river rock for each area of your pool. For example, you can use red rocks for the deep end and green for the shallow portion. You can use the colors to explain to younger children the different areas, so they know which areas of the pool are safe for them.

Unique Pool Fencing

Another safety feature that can also be a stylish option is to use different materials to create a fence. You can choose a simple chain link or vinyl fence, but you do have other options that may work better for your outside decor.

One choice to build a decorative stone wall on one side of your fence and then install wrought iron fencing around the other areas. To create your wall, you can incorporate several color schemes by using a mixture of slate, soapstone and limestone. When considering the wrought iron portion, you can use symmetrical rods with decorative tops or you can find stylish rods that have been twisted to create a unique design.

Another design element is to place a large vinyl wall that acts as one portion of your fence and use another material like chain link for the rest of your pool's new fence. To build the wall, you simply use a few pieces of vinyl fencing that you connect together. Then you attach pictures or outdoor decorations to the wall to complete the look.

When you want to add style and safety to your pool, you will have different materials that will work for your design concept. Once you find out more about each option, it will be easier to pick the ones that best suit your home's exterior decor and the safety requirements for your pool.