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Your Guide To The Most Common Roofing Problems

by Tara Pena

Roofs are built to last, but unfortunately, no roof can last forever. Most roofs will develop problems at one point or another in their lifespans. More often than not, if you handle the issue right away by having a professional check it out, your roof can still serve you for many years to come. If you let it go unchecked and unrepaired, however, it's likely to get more and more serious until you have to completely replace it. To avoid a too-soon roof replacement, have your roof inspected by professionals, like those at HomeTowne Roofing, on a regular basis and make sure you tend to any problems promptly. Being aware of some of the most common roofing problems and their signs can also be useful to you.

Roof Leaks

Most people know that roofs are prone to developing leaks, especially if they're more than a few years old. However, even new roofs can fall victim to leaks, especially if their flashing was installed incorrectly or other issues occurred during installation.

Homeowners should be on the lookout for moisture and mold entering their homes as these are often the first signs of leaks. They should also watch out for water spots and can search their roofs and the undersides of their roofs for holes and other problems on a regular basis.

Leaks should be repaired by a professional as soon as they are discovered. There are some store products that claim to fix leaking roofs, but these typically just act as a "band-aid" and are not a long-term fix. However, they can do in a pinch if you need to temporarily stop the leak until you can have a professional take a look.

Sun-Damaged Shingles

Roofs are built to spend their lives outdoors. That doesn't mean, however, that they aren't sometimes sensitive to sunlight. While all shingles can start to give way under the sun's harsh rays, asphalt shingles are particularly susceptible to UV damage.

Any shingles that become dry, cracked, or that fall off from the roof are typically sun damaged shingles and will need to be replaced pronto. Be sure to replace them with the highest quality shingles possible that have built-in protection against sun damage. That way, you can at least stave off UV damage for a little longer.

A Watered Down Fascia

Most roofs have a long panel that goes across their front, acting as a sort of lining. This board is called the "fascia." It is typically made of wood, and, as such, is highly susceptible to moisture damage.

If it starts to look rotted or to literally chip away, it will need to be replaced with a sealed and varnished fascia.

As you can see, roof problems occur fairly regularly, but as long as you take care of them quickly, they don't have to destroy your entire roof.