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What To Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

by Tara Pena

Before you start your kitchen renovation project, you need to consider a few aspects about the materials already in your kitchen. It is best to think about the materials you plan to remove and the ones you want to keep. By considering these factors, you can make it easier to get started with your renovation work.

Demolition Work

The first thing you need to consider is who will be removing the items from your kitchen. Demolition work takes time and it creates a lot of mess. For these reasons, you want to know which items you can remove and which ones will require some assistance.

The smaller jobs such as removing cabinets, light fixtures, appliances and water faucets are easier to handle, which means you can do this work yourself. If you are handy with a hammer, screwdriver and a pry bar, you can remove other items like vinyl flooring, electrical wall covers and drywall.

However, for the larger jobs that are complicated, it is better to hire a demolition company. These jobs are removing electrical wiring, plumbing lines and wall studs. If you remove these items the wrong way, you could easily hurt yourself.

Donate Usable Items

Before you remove the unwanted materials, you want to look around and see what you can donate. Several charities will take working appliances, cabinets, countertops, lights and sinks.

Each charity will use these items for different reasons. One type of charity will sell the items to people who cannot afford brand new materials for their kitchen. Some charities use the materials to help rebuild homes that were damaged by fires, flooding or other natural disasters.

Waste Management

The last factor to consider before you start your kitchen renovation is to determine what you will do with the renovation waste. Unfortunately, you will not be able to donate everything you remove from your kitchen, so you need a plan for dealing with this waste. Your best option is to rent a dumpster that is delivered to your home.

When you are only renovating one room, a 20 to 30 cubic yard container is a good choice. These containers can handle the waste and they usually do not take up too much room in front of your home. However, you can find smaller, 10-cubic-yard containers and some companies offer larger ones that go up to 40 cubic yards. Choosing the right dumpster will allow you to have enough room for all of your unwanted items. You can make the right choice with the information found at http://metropolis-disposal.com.

Before you can start renovating your home, you need to work out a few details. It is a good idea to create a plan for how items will be removed and what you will do with these items so you can continue with your renovation project.