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Seasonal Chores: 4 Tips For Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

by Tara Pena

If you are like most people, you probably have a long list of chores to do each season. In the fall, you probably clean out the gutters and prepare your home for the winter. If you have a cooling system, you should winterize it as well.

If you haven't done it before, make sure you add it to your list of fall chores and follow these four tips:

1. Clean the Exterior

After the summer months, your air conditioner is probably dirty. Although dirt may not seem like a problem, it can cause a wide variety of issues in your system—especially if left to sit for several months. Before the cold winter months arrive, you need to clean it to remove any dirt and dust, as this will keep it functionally properly when spring comes.

To remove dirt and debris from the outside of your cooling system, use water. You can use a garden hose, just make sure it is on a low setting and carefully spray your system to remove any buildup.

2. Trim Plants

Depending on the location of your system, you may need to trim your plants. If your system has bushes or trees near it, take the time to trim them.

Use trimming shears and remove any plants that sit on or cover the unit, as well as any plants that grow near it. Even if you have no plants directly on the unit, you may still need to trim nearby plants—especially if they are fast growing.

3. Brush Debris Away

Sometimes a garden hose doesn't remove all debris. If you still have debris on or around your air conditioning system, use a dry brush to remove them. You can use any dry brush you have—even a broom works.

Brush the bristles of the brush along the air conditioning unit to remove stuck leaves, twigs, and other items. If the brush doesn't remove all of the debris, you can use your hands to carefully remove the rest.

4. Cover

Finally, cover your system with a large tarp or form-fitting air conditioner cover. Although not necessary in all states, you should use a cover should be used if you live an area that gets snow and ice; it will protect your system from wet weather, which can cause it to rust over time.

Simply cover with a cover of your choosing and use a bungee cord to keep it in place. Periodically check to ensure the cover is still snug and place throughout the winter.

If you want to keep your air conditioning system to work flawlessly throughout the years, you must maintain it, and winterizing it one part of that. These tips, along with professional HVAC services, can help keep your system functioning and running smoothly for many years to come. To learn more, contact a company like Metro Air.