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Welcoming Designs For Concrete Steps

by Tara Pena

Concrete is such a durable and versatile material that you can have it designed for just about any ambiance. When it comes to the entryway for your home or business, a warm welcome is probably the target vibe. Whether you have the entryway custom designed or adapted from precast stairs, design your concrete steps to appeal to guests or customers.

Precast Steps

A budget option that's still very welcoming is precast concrete steps. These steps are manufactured ahead of time. Contractors select the size needed for your entryway. A great advantage is they can be installed in hours and in most weather conditions. For an attractive addition, add wrought iron railings to give your entrance a custom look.

Curve Appeal

Arches are a classic in design, and that goes for your steps as well. Gently curving steps at the end of any walkway offer a chic welcome for your guests or customers. If you want to add some drama to the look, consider having the edges finished as exposed aggregate. Alternatively, the contractors can edge the steps in bricks to create a mixed media look.

High Contrast

One advantage of concrete is pigment can be mixed in to create practically any color. That affords you almost unlimited design options. Utilize this flexibility to create a high contrast entryway. For instance, have the concrete mixed with black dye, and contrast it with white or light beige natural pavers. For an even more welcoming option, select brick red to contrast with sandy stone.

Fancy Angle

Another way to make a concrete entryway more personal is to have the edges cut at fancy angles. Contractors use a variety of step liners to create architecturally-appealing curves and angles. Such an edge is especially cohesive with traditional or historical architecture.

Coordinated Welcome

Because of the versatility of concrete, you can further customize the entryway with stamped and stained steps. The Concrete Network suggests incorporating colors and patterns that coordinate with your home or business's exterior. For instance, echo the curve of an arched doorway with a stylized mural in the landing. For a Mission or Mediterranean style home, consider having the concrete stamped and stained to resemble cobblestone.

Sidewalk Steps

If your entryway slopes, you may want to minimize the incline with sidewalk steps. The whole sidewalk can be a series of gentle steps, or you may just need a small landing with two or three steps. Any of the design options available for the entryway steps are just as appropriate for sidewalk steps – and add instant appeal to your entrance.

For more information, contact Unit Step Company or a similar organization.