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A Consumer's Guide To Common Air Compressor Parts And Components

by Tara Pena

If you want to make sure that your garage is complete, there is no question that an air compressor is one of the tools that you should have. With this one piece of equipment, you have the ability to use compressed air for high-powered tools, inflating tires, and even cleaning up your garage. If you have never owned an air compressor, learning about the various parts and components will make maintenance and use much easier.

Pressure Switch - The pressure switch is less of a switch and more of a sensor. This switch automatically detects the amount of air in the tank and kicks in the motor to refill the air when pressure starts to drop. Most air compressors will allow the pressure switch to be deactivated when you are looking to work with low pressure.

Drain Cock - The drain cock, sometimes also referred to as a drain valve, is used to release excess moisture or oil from the tank of the air compressor. It is typically located at the base of the air tank and should be checked regularly to allow additional moisture to be released.

Coalescing Air Filter - Most air compressors are equipped with a specific type of filter called a coalescent filter. This filter works to trap small dust particles and moisture or oil that may be trapped in the air lines. If the filter is worn or damaged, it will compromise the purity of the air you receive during use.

Compressor Aftercooler - Some pneumatic air compressors can get quite warm during operation. These models will be equipped with an aftercooler that is designed to vaporize condensation to keep the motor running cool, even during long periods of use.

Air Pressure Gauge - The air inside of the tank of your air compressor is measured in the amount of air pressure per square inch, or psi. Your air compressor will come equipped with an air pressure gauge that shows you how much pressure you have to work with at any given time. This is useful because it not only shows you how much air you have, but there are many air tools that will require you to use a certain amount of pressure for optimal function.

As you get to know your new air compressor and all of its working parts, you will feel more comfortable with not only using it, but servicing the equipment as well. If you find parts and components that you are unfamiliar with, it is a good idea to consult with your owner's manual to better understand what it s called and what the function of any specific part may be.

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