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Four Points For Demolition Safety

by Tara Pena

When it comes to a demolition project, you owe it to yourself to keep your crew and surrounding people safe. This is critically important, since there a certain safety risks and hazards that come with the territory. If you need to be sure that you are best able to rectify these issues and keep your demolition project safe, use the tips in this article. 

Take Care Of The Structural Hazards

By shoring up a lot of structural details with your demolition, you will be in a good position to prevent accidents. For instance, you should make your building as safe as possible throughout the course of the demolition so that crews can move in and out freely. This means bracing walls and reinforcing floors so that people do not fall. Make sure that material disposal holes never take up any more than a quarter of the area of the floor. Every single day, any staircases should be well lit so that people can watch their step as they move in and out. Further, be sure to remove any roofing stonework before knocking down walls.

Hold Safety Meetings Regularly

The important thing to remember about demolition projects is that the potential hazards change on a daily basis. Something that is not a problem today can very easily become a hazard tomorrow. For that reason, construction and demolition managers should hold a safety meeting every single morning so that all crews are kept abreast of these changes. This way, they can plan accordingly and avoid accidents.

Don't Drag Your Feet On Shutting Off Utilities

Be sure that you call utility companies to have them all shut off as quickly as possible. When you drag your feet on this necessity, you run the risk of having delays the day of the demolition project. Get this shut off date in writing and hold the facility company accountable for taking care of things on their end.

Adhere To Safety Equipment Use

You should post regulations about safety equipment throughout the demolition site and always make sure that it is enforced. This means that, without exception, all crew members should be wearing hard hats, thick soled boots, eyewear, gloves and other safety equipment to protect their safety and livelihood every single day. This is important from a safety standpoint and to also minimize potential liability throughout the course of the demolition.

Follow these four points and use them for all demolition projects that you have.