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Add Insulation To Your Home With Vinyl Siding

by Tara Pena

Vinyl siding is such a smart investment for a number of reasons. First, it completely changes the look of your home exterior. If you live in a tract home, you will make your home stand out from your neighbors with a completely new style. At the same time, vinyl siding will save you money by making your property much more energy efficient. It is a very cost effective remodel for all types of homeowners. The great thing about vinyl siding is that you can even install it on your own. This article explains how vinyl siding will make your home much more energy efficient throughout the entire year.

Vinyl Adds Insulation

Vinyl is great for homeowners in all sorts of climates. If you have an aging home, you might find it hard to maintain the perfect temperature inside your home during both the summer and winter. You might be too reliant in your heaters and air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. Over time, this can get very costly when you consider the monthly bills. New vinyl siding, installed directly over your existing sidewalls, can hugely improve the solar and thermal efficiency of your walls.

Vinyl creates a small gap between the existing walls. This serves as an essential buffer zone. the sun hitting your vinyl siding will not transfer directly into your home. The sun rays that hit your vinyl will take much longer to penetrate your interior walls, making your home much cooler on hot, sunny days. For maximum efficiency in hot climates, choose a vinyl color that is light, so it deflects the sun, rather than absorbing it.

In the winter, this buffer zone can help retain heat within your walls. If you live in a particularly cold climate, you should consider installing insulated vinyl. This is just like normal vinyl siding, except it is thicker. It will usually have fiberglass lining on the inside that adds even more insulation. Fiberglass-insulated vinyl is much more expensive, but it is well worth it when you consider the money you can save on your winter utility bills.

Vinyl siding is great investment, especially if you want to stay in your home for many years. No matter what type of climate your live in, vinyl will ultimately save you money. It is also a very low maintenance product, so you won't be spending much time or money keeping it up.

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