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Three Stressful Situations A Land Survey Can Help You Avoid

by Tara Pena

When you decide to purchase a home, make sure you aren't simply focusing on the house. The property around your home is also important. When you fail to properly research the property around the house, you could face a number of unnecessary stresses.

Property Lines Disputes

When you purchase a home, you aren't just paying for the house. You're also paying for the land. How unfair would it be to discover that your neighbor's fence is infringing on your property by several feet? It goes without saying – you wouldn't be happy. Without proof, an argument over the property line would simply be hearsay.

Land surveys solve this type of problem by establishing a clear line around your entire property. In the event you're faced with this type of situation, you would have the legal right to present your land survey results, requiring your neighbor to remove their fence immediately.  

Zone Restriction Violations

All neighborhoods have restrictions that determine how you can use your home. Being unaware of these restrictions leaves you at risk for fines and penalties. One of the more common zone restrictions has to do with whether or not you can use your home for commercial purposes.

While some neighborhoods are zoned for light commercial use, there are those that are strictly residential. Even something as seemingly innocent as selling cupcakes out of your home or running an in-home childcare center could serve as a violation. With a land survey you can find out what zone restrictions exist for your home.

Burial Ground Oversight

The large majority of all burial grounds are clearly marked. However, in years past, family burial sites often went unmarked. It would be unsettling to discover years after you've been in your home that your house is actually located on top of a burial ground.

While it is highly unlikely you will be forced to tear down your home, it can be disheartening to know that the remains of someone's family is underneath your house. In addition to dealing with what's above the ground, land surveying also deals with what's below the surface by analyzing the ground to avoid situations like this.

Having a land survey performed can help you avoid a number of additional problems that could affect you when you first purchase the home as well as in the future. Whether you are just purchasing a home or you have lived there for some time, make sure you aren't overlooking a land survey.