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Add Style And Function To Your Home Theater With Window Treatments

by Tara Pena

Having a theater in your home can be a fantastic way to enjoy anything from television show premiers to sporting events with friends and family, but some changes will need to be made to the windows through the right window treatments so that the theater can be used at any time of day.

If you are concerned about what to purchase or how to dress up the windows for the best results, consider some of the following tips that can guide you towards choosing the best treatments.

Make Sure the Windows are UV Treated

Since you will be spending a lot of time in the theater, it's a good idea to invest in window tinting. Not only can the window tinting help block out some of the glare that the sun can produce, it can also help get rid of UV light—a feature that is very effective at reducing sun damage. This is ideal if you want to use your theater during the day and don't want to be sunburned if the windows are left uncovered.

The task of adding tinting can either be done on your own or with the help of professionals, making it a good project to consider.

Opt for Blackout Curtains or Panels for the Windows

If you intend on using the theater in the daytime, you need to add some kind of blackout window treatment to get rid of the natural light from outside. Curtains or panels with blackout fabric can help the room be completely dark to allow for more suitable movie or television show watching.

Splurge on Motorized Window Treatments

If your intention for the home theater is to create a space that feels luxurious, it may be a good idea to add motorized window coverings. With prices starting around $550, you can get this high-class addition to your windows so that you can open and close them at the press of a button. This can make using your theater even more enjoyable and is a great way to impress your friends,

Create a Common Theme for the Theater

When decorating the theater, you need to choose window treatments that fit in with the rest of the room. From details such as the seats to the flooring in your theater, you can make sure that the window treatments fit in well.

As you consider what kind of window treatments to use in the theater, it is best to focus on the unique features you would want in this kind of space compared to the rest of your home. With the above ideas in mind, you can move forward with dressing up your windows so that they have the class and purpose you want. Contact a window firm, like Active Hurricane & Security Protection, for more help.