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Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor

by Tara Pena

Repairing or installing a roof is an important task, and you should be diligent in your selection of roofing contractor. Who you hire will have repercussions for years to come. However, finding the right fit can be difficult, and it can leave many people stuck wondering where to start. To lead you in the right direction, here are some questions to ask your roofing contractor:

Does the roofing contractor carry general liability insurance?

You should consider this a top priority. Lawsuits are all too common and incredibly costly. General liability insurance protects you against any potential liability caused by accidents or other mishaps on your property. For the sake of everyone's medical and financial security, your contractor should be able to demonstrate proof of such insurance.

Are they licensed in the local area of the proposed project?

Unfortunately, it's a common phenomenon in the construction industry for unlicensed thieves to pose as legitimate contractors. This is is especially true with roofing, in which a group of individuals posing as a "crew" may drive into a hail-damaged town, collect payment, and leave before performing any work. To avoid scams like this and the headaches that come with it, seek out only licensed roofers in your area. If they have a real reputation to defend, they'll be more likely to provide honest, quality work at reasonable prices.

How much experience do they have?

There is no substitute for genuine experience in the field. Before contracting with someone, ask them about the length and depth of their experience. Often times, it's worth it in the end to hire a more qualified (and perhaps more expensive) professional. And be sure to request proof of previous work that demonstrates any aforementioned knowledge and expertise.

What do their previous customers say about them?

Quality roofing contractors should readily provide references from previous customers. If they have a website, do they prominently display testimonials from more than one customer? You can also look them up online via Google or other search engines. If most of the information about them seems to indicate a scam, you should reconsider working with them. On other other hand, if the testimonials seem too good to be true, ask to get in touch with the previous customers and verify the validity of their claims.

Seeking a roofing contractor can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By following the advice above, you can be well on your way to securing a contract with a professional that you admire and trust. Be diligent and you can enjoy a successful roofing project that you and your family will benefit from now and into the future.

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