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How To Paint With A Pneumatic Spray Gun

by Tara Pena

Painting your home exterior is one the smartest remodels. It is a cheap way to change the whole look of your home. You can make the project even cheaper if you do your own painting. However, painting exterior walls is a little harder than painting interior walls. To make the job easier and faster, you should rent a compressor with a pneumatic spray gun. This article explains some spray gun painting maintenance and techniques that will make your paint job much better in the long run.

Keeping the Gun Clean

The key to painting with a pneumatic spray gun is keeping it as clean as possible throughout the project. Since painting will often take several days, gun maintenance can often be a chore unto itself. It is particularly important that you clean your gun nozzle at the end of each work day. First, you need to clean out the hose lines. To do this you need to remove the intake valve from the paint bucket and place it in a bucket of water. The, spray the gun into a piece of wood or cardboard until only water is coming out of the gun. Finally, you need to remove the gun from the hose and take out the spray tip. This is easy to remove and should be soaked in water and wiped off thoroughly. You can also wipe down the gun to keep it clean. If you are taking a long break of painting in the middle of the day, you should place the gun in a bucket of water so the paint does not dry up in the spray tip.

Spraying Like a Pro

Spraying with the gun will take a little bit of practice, but you can perfect it in no time. There are few important tips that you need to remember. First, keep the gun a few inches from the wall when painting. Also, never start spraying when you are pointing straight at the wall. Always keep the gun moving while spraying. Basically, paint from side to side and always release the trigger before switching directions. This prevents pooling and ensures more even paint dispersion.

In the end, spraying will definitely make it easier to get complete coverage of your exterior walls, especially if your walls have a rough texture. If you keep your gun clean and spray with the right techniques, your paint will go on evenly and smoothly. For more tips or help with this kind of project, contact a company like Gary D Torgerson Co.