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2 Helpful Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A New Kitchen Faucet

by Tara Pena

Over the years, kitchen faucets see a lot of use and abuse, until eventually the time comes when they need to be upgraded. While this may seem like a relatively simple task, the profusion of styles and forms on today's market can make it difficult to ensure that you've found a good match. If you are considering installing a new faucet in your sink, read on. This article will present two important factors to consider.

Avoid faucets that contain side sprayers.

For those who have never had one, sink sprayers are a highly appealing feature when shopping for a new faucet. It's true that sprayers make tasks like cleaning the inside of the sink, for one, much easier. Yet the most common type of sprayer, side sprayers, are prone to numerous problems--everything from poor pressure to tangled hoses to annoying leaks.

Avoid these headaches by investing in a faucet with the newer and much more efficient pull-down sprayer. You might have seen these before. Rather than being mounted to the side of the faucet, a pull-down sprayer is the faucet. That is, the head of the faucet is detachable, allowing you to reach hard-to-clean areas by extending its flexible hose. The nice thing about pull-down sprayers is that their design doesn't involve the sort of components that cause side sprayers to become problematic.

Prioritize sufficient reach.

Newer faucets are prone to adornment with all sorts of bells and whistles. But when it comes right down to it, the most important thing about a faucet is how well it delivers the water that you need. Thus the physical dimensions of height and reach should be among your top priorities when searching for a new model.

You only need to keep height in mind if space is at a premium in your kitchen. Low hanging shelves or cabinets may mean that taller faucets simply won't fit. Be sure to take careful measurements of any such obstacles before you proceed. And while you've got your tape measure out, it's a great time to pay some attention to another vital piece of data, the ideal reach of your new faucet.

This is especially key for those with two or more basins in their sink. Many faucets may simply be too short to reach all the way to a far basin, thus greatly impairing the usefulness of the faucet. If you're happy with the length of your current faucet, measure it and use this as the benchmark for its replacement. If you feel something longer--or even shorter--would be more appropriate, take an approximate measurement of what you would consider a more ideal length. 

For more information, contact a plumber in your area.