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How To Easily Service Your Furnace

by Tara Pena

There are many ways to make your heating and AC systems more effective. Many do not realize that the furnace is an integral part of both the heating and cooling in a central HVAC system. Luckily, there are several parts of a normal furnace that can be easily repaired by homeowners without any special training or certification. This article explains the best DIY repairs that you can make to your furnace. These simple fixes could end up increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system.   

Safety Precautions

First of all, you should probably avoid making any electrical repairs unless you are well versed in electrical systems. Even more important, gas furnace hookups should only be installed and removed by professionals. That being said, it is important to shut off the power and turn off the gas before you start to work on your furnace. Some furnaces will have a power switch on the actual cabinet, or inside the access panel. The gas shut off valve is usually right on the outside, and should be clearly labeled. If you can't find it, stop and call a professional before proceeding.

Replacing the Filter

Once the power and gas are shut off, you can make a few simple repairs. First, you should remove and replace the furnace filter. The filter is easy to locate because it is on the exterior side of the cabinet sidewall, where the input vents meet with the furnace. The furnace is slid into a narrow slot. Most modern furnace filters can be easily removed without any tools. Take you old filter to the store so you can be certain that you get a like for like replacement. Before you put the new filter in place, vacuum out the slot with a hose vacuum. This is a common area for clogging, so you want to check for dust and dirt build up.

Vacuuming the Cabinet

Dust and dirt can quickly build up on the inside and outside of a furnace cabinet. This is especially true if your furnace is in a dusty garage or basement. With a hose vacuum, you can effectively clean dust around the input vents from the inside of the cabinet. Likewise, you should vacuum the perimeter of the cabinet, because this dust can be sucked into though the vent fins. Cleaning out your furnace cabinet interior is a simple way to make keep the motor cleaning and the fan unclogged. When these two elements are not working properly, the furnace needs to use more energy to pump air. So, these simple repairs, can actually make your furnace cheaper to run.

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