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Heading Up On The Roof For Maintenance? Take These Things With You To Stay Safe

by Tara Pena

As a homeowner, it is likely that you will take several maintenance tasks upon yourself to save money--even when it comes to making general repairs to your roof. While it may seem like no big deal to grab a ladder and go up on the roof to tack down a few shingles or reattach a strip of flashing, traipsing around on the roof can actually be pretty risky. If you plan to make your own roofing repairs, make sure you invest in the following safety items to ensure your simple repair task doesn't end with a trip to the emergency room.

A Three-Point Safety Harness

Wearing a safety harness for general roofing repairs may sound like overkill, but in the event you do slip or lose your footing, this harness will be your saving grace. Make sure the harness fits snugly and is rightly adjusted before heading up on the roof. Once you are there connect the harness to something stable, such as around the chimney.

A Cell Phone

It is always a good idea if you have a line of communication available while you are on the roof. If something goes wrong and you slip, for example, you will have your phone so you can reach out to someone for help. 

Non-Skid Shoes or Boots

The surface of the roof can be much more slippery than what you would expect it to be.  The slightest bit of moisture could leave your feet struggling to get a grip on the roof so you don't fall. Therefore, it is an absolute must that you wear shoes that have plenty of rubber traction on the bottom. If the shoes you have don't have a lot of grip,  you can also invest in boot and shoe covers specifically designed for roofers which will help you stay put.

Heavy Leather Gloves

Sharp edges of metal roofing, protruding fasteners, and other hazards are all over some roofs. Make sure you keep your hands protected while making general repairs by wearing a good pair of heavy leather gloves. 

Staying safe while making general roof repairs on your home should be your number one priority as a homeowner, but with little experience, this can be a difficult feat. For helpful advice or to just have someone make the necessary repairs for you so you don't have to, get in touch with a local roofing company for more information.