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Frustrated With Clogged Drains? What You Need To Know

by Tara Pena

Clogged drains in a home are a major nuisance. You may have sitting water in your sink because it will not go down. If you cannot get the water to start flowing down the drain, you may consider grabbing buckets and taking it all out manually. It is surely a headache to deal with, so there are a few things you should know about when dealing with such a problem.

Avoid Using a Ton of Home Remedies

You may have searched online to find out more information on the different ways to unclog your sink. You will have people telling you to pour all kinds of things down the drain, but it is best to avoid using any type of homemade concoction because you do not want to cause any unnecessary damage to your pipes.

Attempt to Unclog Using a Snake Tool or Metal Hanger

If you are only dealing with a minuscule clog because something just fell into your drain, attempt to unclog it on your own with a snake tool. The snake tool is long enough to reach deep into the pipe. However, not everyone has this kind of tool readily available in their home. If you do not have a snake tool, simply use the next best thing. A piece of thin metal, such as an adjusted metal hanger, might work well enough to pull out whatever it is that is preventing the water from going down the drain as it should.

Get Advice From a Professional Plumber

For problems that are a bit more severe, it is often best to get advice from a professional plumber. Using a snake tool may not help too much if you have tons of debris in your pipes. In that case, a plumber might have to use a heavy-duty drain cleaning machine. The equipment works well at suctioning out the junk that is commonly found in pipes.

Work on Avoiding Future Clogs

Using strainers for each of your sinks is one of the easiest ways to avoid clogs. Large pieces of food and other products, such as tissue, paper towel, and more, would not be able to fall into the drain because it is covered with the strainer. Buying strainers for each sink could save you a lot of money in the long run so that you do not have to call the plumber out to your home multiple times in the future due to a clogged drain.

No one likes a clogged drain. If you want the water to go down smoothly, these are some of the things to consider. You may want to try unclogging it on your own and then call a plumber if you cannot seem to fix the problem. It is also beneficial to use strainers as a preventative measure.