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Why You Should Leave Common Asphalt Repairs To The Pros

by Tara Pena

Are you having issues with your driveway? Are cracks and buckling becoming a problem? If issues keep recurring, it's definitely time to call in the professionals. An underlying issue could be a part of a more advanced matter that needs direct, professional attention. Here are just a few problems that you could encounter and why you should pick up the phone and call a paving contractor instead.

Tree Root Growth

If you've been noticing that your asphalt driveway has large cracks or breaks in specific areas, it could be due to tree root over growth and invasion. Older trees or trees with advanced root systems can oftentimes invade areas and creep up through the base of a concrete or asphalt walkway or driveway. This can lead to significant buckling and overall damage to the asphalt. Trying to take down the tree or dig up the root system yourself may be unsuccessful. A contracting pro who can survey the ground's surface will be able to tell you the best recommendation in moving forward with a fix.

Underground Water Buildup

Are areas of your asphalt driveway buckling or breaking away from the surface? Noticing frequent puddles of water, even when there hasn't been a heavy downpour of rain? This type of asphalt damage could be from underwater buildup of sewage or a broken water line. As the water builds up in a specific area, it can pool underneath the ground. The result is water accumulation that makes the surrounding soil saturated and unstable. A self-repair is only a temporary fix in this situation. A plumbing pro will have to analyze your entire plumbing and sewer system to check for the underground leaks that are contributing to the erosion. Once repaired, asphalt repair can begin.

Alligator Cracking

If the last installation of your asphalt drive was not successful, it may be showing through alligator cracking. This type of cracking is similar to the appearance of an alligator's skin. If the base or subgrade was not constructed properly, small cracks can expand quickly after added distress is placed on the surface. Longitudinal cracking can untimely lead to structural failure of the entire driveway and the asphalt can easily break apart on contact. Patching is likely just a temporary fix and will cause further decay of the affected area. Call in a pavement expert to evaluate, tear down and reconstruct a safe and sturdy driveway.

Upheaval Of Asphalt

If your driveway has begun to move upward—creating a mound in the center, or even on the sides, this is sometimes referred to upheaval. This means that as the ground contracts underneath, the asphalt swells and expands. This can lead to long and wide cracks that can cause potholes and eventual breakage of the asphalt. Filling in holes that are left behind is just a temporary fix. Revamping the entire driveway with new aggregate and subgrade by a professional contractor is the best way to fix the problem and prevent damage to your vehicles.

If your driveway needs repair, call a local contractor like Phend & Brown. A thorough repair not only helps make your driveway safer but it also adds property value and enhances curb appeal.