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Preparing For Storm Season Means Understanding The Aftermath

by Tara Pena

Storm preparation isn't just about boarding up windows and trying to prevent every fathomable form of damage to the best of your abilities. Nature can make a joke out of human engineering, and there's always a chance that your property will be the punchline. Along with protective methods, consider a few plans to put into action after hurricane winds or tornado-launched projectiles damage your home, vehicle, and other property.

Weatherproofing And Glass Protection

If hurricanes, tornadoes, or other high wind situations are a problem in your area, blocking off glass is one of the first tasks you should handle. Boarding up windows is one of the most basic tasks, but you need to be aware of one trap that won't go away: using tape for windows in a hurricane.

Tape does not work. Rather, the idea behind tape keeping people safe in a hurricane will do more harm than good. The idea is that tape will keep the glass together, which for some reason was considered safe. It could have been a misconception that larger glass pieces would be less of an issue, or that many tiny shards are the worst case scenario.

What you'll actually end up with is a flail of broken glass and paper. A lot of small pieces of glass will do some damage, but a tethered mass of large glass that failed to shatter into smaller pieces will have momentum and greater mass to harm people.

Although there are hurricane-grade tape products that take the place of the myth, keep it simple at first. Board up your windows by nailing solid boards that are at least 4 inches thick, or have professional storm shutters installed that can resist the impact of most hurricane categories or tornado conditions.

Window Repair Options After Storms

Storms are an economic opportunity and a logistics nightmare. Plenty of companies will be out on back-to-back service calls to remove trees, service power lines, move inoperable cars, clean up debris, and repair windows. 

If you wait until the storm destroys your windows to call for help, you'll be waiting in line for days. Make sure to have a phone number and a good handshake with a team of glass repair professionals to keep yourself at the top of the list, barring any difficulties with getting through debris and rough terrain.

Replacement doesn't always have to come out of your pocket. Be sure to speak with your home and auto insurance professionals to discuss replacement coverage, and give your info to the glass repair professionals for a seamless replacement.