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3 Benefits Of Tree Trimming You Probably Didn't Think Of

by Tara Pena

Healthy trees look great, so they can add a lot of curb appeal to your home or business. This curb appeal also improves the home or business' value. Of course, proper care of your trees is important for the appeal and value, but proper care is also essential for other reasons. Most people are surprised to learn that trimming the trees benefits more than just the look of the trees. This guide will explain a few other benefits of trimming your trees.

Improved Health

Trimming in the right way can improve the health of your trees. In addition, trimming can prevent various health concerns.

By removing discolored and decaying branches, you can potentially stop the spreading of disease, such as root rot and leaf wilt. These diseases spread quickly, affecting not only the one tree, but also trees and plants that are planted closely to the diseased tree.

When pruning your tree, make sure to dispose of these infected branches, limbs, and foliage carefully, so they do not affect other plants nearby. Also, clean your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol before trimming other trees and plants to prevent cross-contamination.

Enhanced Growth

Most trees will go dormant as temperatures start to drop. Therefore, the trees will lose their leaves and stop growing during the late fall and winter seasons. However, the spring will bring new growth as long as your tree is properly cared for.

Depending on your local climate and specific tree, you should prune the trees in the late part of winter. Remove all discolored or damaged branches and limbs carefully with sharp shears to ensure clean cuts that do not damage the tree.

By removing limbs and foliage, you are promoting new growth for the spring season, which will improve the look and health of your tree, too.

Decreased Accidents

Finally, proper trimming of your tree can reduce the risk of accidents. Many trees will lose branches and limbs over time, dropping them after a storm even if they are healthy and in good condition.

Now, if your trees are already in distress, whether damaged or infected with a disease of pests, the risk of limbs falling will be even greater.

Fallen limbs may not seem like a big problem, but they can fall onto a family member, pet, vehicle, or even roof, causing physical injuries or costly repairs to your cars and home.

Removing branches that appear damaged or any branches that are hanging over your vehicles, driveway, walkways, outdoor living space, or roof is essential. 

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