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When Should You Hire A Remodeling Contractor For Your Kitchen Renovation?

by Tara Pena

If you're planning a kitchen renovation, you may wonder if it's better to hire a remodeling contractor to oversee the process or to hire contractors on your own. Remodeling contractors provide a valuable service for major renovations — they plan the project, schedule the subcontractors, and supervise their work to make sure that your project is completed according to local building codes. Here are some kitchen renovations when it's best to seek the services of a remodeling contractor, like those at Lehman Construction Services Inc, instead of attempting to hire contractors on your own.

You're Removing a Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings are a common feature in older homes, since they allowed building developers to easily install overhead fluorescent lighting in the kitchen. Unfortunately, drop ceilings take away some of the vertical height in your kitchen and can make it look dated — many homeowners now want to remove their drop ceilings in order to make their kitchens more spacious and to modernize the way they look.

Unfortunately, removing a kitchen drop ceiling is often not an easy task — many home builders used the extra space above the kitchen to route electrical wiring and plumbing. When you remove your drop ceiling, you may find that you need to reroute a substantial amount of your home's plumbing because your kitchen's actual ceiling has a network of pipes hanging from it. You'll need the experience of a professional remodeling contractor to schedule the necessary electrical and plumbing services. Additionally, you'll likely need to install soffits on top of your kitchen cabinetry to blend them in to your kitchen's new ceiling. Otherwise, there will be a large, unsightly gap between the top of your cabinets and your kitchen's new ceiling.

You're Installing an Island

When you add an island to your kitchen, you'll need to provide it with plumbing and electricity if you want it to have a sink or electrical outlets. Since islands are in the middle of your kitchen, you'll need to run the new wiring or pipes underneath your kitchen floor and up to your island in order to hide them — this makes installing an island another kitchen renovation that requires multiple contractors to work together, and is something handled best by a professional remodeling contractor who can accurately plan and schedule the installation.

You're Creating an Open-Concept Kitchen

Open-concept kitchens are rapidly becoming more popular as separate dining rooms fade in popularity — many families simply don't have use for a large dining room separate from the kitchen. Opening up the space between your kitchen and your dining room will typically require you to remove a wall. You'll need to reroute any wiring and plumbing pipes that were hidden inside the wall. Additionally, it also raises architectural concerns — if the wall is load-bearing, you will first need to provide additional support to your roof elsewhere in your home before you can remove the wall. Home remodeling contractors work with architects on large remodeling projects to make sure that your roof is adequately supported and that all renovations that affect your roof meet local building code standards, which keeps you and your family safe.

Overall, any kitchen renovation that requires multiple types of contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and architects to work together on a single project is best handled by a remodeling contractor. The main benefit comes from a remodeling contractor's ability to plan out the steps that are necessary for your renovation — attempting to hire and schedule contractors on your own can run up costs and lead to delays if you're unfamiliar with the work required. When you need major kitchen renovations, contact a professional remodeling contractor to take care of the details and ensure the project is completed successfully.