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Need a Crash Truck? 2 Tips for Renting One Instead of Purchasing One

by Tara Pena

If you need a crash truck but will not be using it on a regular basis, you should rent one instead of purchasing one. This will save you a substantial amount of money. Because the job of the crash truck is to absorb the impact of a crash, it is important that you rent the right one. Below are two tips on renting this type of truck so you can be sure it will work well for you and your company.

Make Sure the Truck is Safe

When you start looking to rent a crash truck, do not immediately choose the cheapest option you have. Instead, you need to focus on making sure the truck is safe.

One of the most important things to consider is the truck's weight. This is because if the truck is not heavy enough, when a crash occurs the crash truck will push past the vehicle it is meant to protect. A good rule of thumb is to determine the weight of the vehicle the crash truck is protecting and then add many thousands of pounds onto that. Talk with the rental company you hire about the type of vehicle you will be using with the crash truck and they can give you the approximate weight.

Another thing to consider is the type of brakes the crash truck has. For the brakes, you should consider air brakes over hydraulic brakes. This is because air brakes have more power when stopping the truck and are known to be more reliable.

Check the Final Stage Manufacturer's Sticker

The final stage manufacturer's sticker is generally found on the interior driver's door. It is important that the rental crash truck has this sticker. This is because the sticker will show how many alterations have been done to the crash truck and when the alterations were made. The sticker will also confirm that the crash truck is safe to drive and is in good condition.

If the crash truck that you rent does not have this sticker, your company may be liable if there are problems, such as the crash truck malfunctioning and causing damage to another vehicle. If there is a sticker, the manufacturer will take full responsibility if you are sued in any way. You do not want to be liable for damages to other vehicles, injuries to people, and so on, but this does depend on the rental agreement that you sign.

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