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4 Solutions To Deal With Buried Utilities And Mechanical Systems While Minimizing Damage To Landscaping

by Tara Pena

The outdoor improvements and landscaping projects that you do around your home often require buried utilities and mechanical systems to be located. The work that needs to be done may also include repairs that require excavation. The following tips will help you repair buried utilities without causing a lot of damage your landscaping:

1. Camera Inspection Services to Find Problems with Buried Pipes

Before you can start digging to do repairs, you want to know where the problem is. If the problem is with a water, sewage, or drainage line, the pipe can be inspected with a camera to locate the area where the problem is. You will want to have the lines marked outside, and then use the length of cable that was used to inspect the pipe to determine how far away the problem is and find it in your landscaping. Use a different color paint to mark the area of the pipe that needs to be excavated to have repairs done.

2. Replacing Damaged Water and Sewer Lines with Directional Drilling

If you have damaged sewer or water lines that have collapsed, started to decay, or are deteriorating due to outdated pipe materials, they will probably need to be replaced. In the past, replacing these pipes has involved digging a big trench in your yard, which would leave your landscaping in a mess. Today, directional drilling technology can be used to replace the pipes without destroying your landscaping.

3. Jet Cleaning and Pipe Lining to Retrofit Outdated Sewer and Drainage Pipes

Sometimes, the problem with sewer and storm drainage pipes may be due to roots, debris, and buildup on the walls of pipes. These problems can sometimes be solved with jet cleaning to remove any foreign debris that is blocking the pipe. After jet cleaning is done, retrofitting the pipes with a modern liner is an affordable and noninvasive solution to update pipes and keep your landscaping looking pristine.

4. Accurately Dig for Buried Utilities Without the Mess Using Hydro Excavation

Sometimes there may be more than just a pipe that needs to be replaced when doing repairs to buried utilities. To get to the area where repairs need to be done and minimize damage to landscaping, hydro excavation can be used. This is the process of using pressurized water to dig and removing the soil with vacuum equipment. Hydro excavation will allow buried pipes and utilities to be uncovered, repaired, and covered quickly to minimize inconvenience and damage to landscaping.

These tips will help you deal with buried utilities without causing serious damage to the landscaping when you need to do repairs. If you have a problem with your buried utilities and are looking for noninvasive solutions to complete repairs, contact a hydro excavation service to help do the digging without creating a big mess. Businesses like Degen Excavating Company can offer more information.