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Get Rid Of Mold In Your House

by Tara Pena

Most people are familiar with mold. It can come in various colors and it tends to grow in places that are moist and dark. Many people have encountered it when they've left a loaf of bread sitting on the counter for too long. Unfortunately, mold can take root in the walls of your home, which can be unsightly and even bad for your family's health. If mold is found in your house, you'll want to take steps to eradicate it. Here are three tips to help you deal with a mold infestation.

1. Throw away porous items.

In some cases, mold occurs after flooding. Any time your home is exposed to a significant amount of moisture, you run the risk of mold growing. It can also happen when you have an undetected leak in your house. Unfortunately, once mold has gotten into an object, it is very difficult to fully remove it. If you have a sentimental or practical attachment to these items, you may be able to salvage them by washing them in hot water with bleach. However, you should still be prepared for the possibility that this may not work. If you find any porous items with mold on them, such as clothing or linens, you will probably need to throw those items away.

2. Call a mold remediation service.

If the mold in your home has infiltrated the walls, carpet, or ceiling, you probably can't get rid of it yourself. Painting over mold doesn't eliminate the source of the problem and mold can still spread throughout the walls of your home even with a coat of paint on top of it. A mold remediation service will take steps to isolate the mold in your house using special containment systems. They will carefully remove the mold using special chemical and mechanical processes. A mold remediation expert will utilize air filters to keep mold spores from spreading during this process.

3. Fix the source of the problem.

If you don't fix the cause of your mold problem, it can recur, even after mold remediation has taken place. If mold was found growing in your walls, you may want to hire a plumbing contractor to inspect your pipes for leaks. Leaking pipes inside the walls of a home are a leading cause of mold growth. Repairing these leaks can eradicate your mold problem for good. People who live in particularly humid environments may also want to consider investing in a few dehumidifiers for their home.

For more information, contact a local mold remediation service today.