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Painting Tips To Ensure Your Exterior Paint Adheres Properly

by Tara Pena

Painting the exterior of your home is a major job. You may think you can get it done in a weekend, but if you're doing the work all alone, it could take you several weekends. This can take a lot of planning on your part, because you have to be sure the weather cooperates, and if it doesn't, you have to be prepared to wait until your siding is completely dry. This is why hiring a professional painter is a better option, as they have the manpower to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and they will also ensure your paint job is there to stay. If you are tackling the project alone, read on for tips to ensure your paint adheres properly.

Use the Proper Paint

The right type of paint can make all the difference in your paint job. If you use interior paint on an exterior of a home, chances are after a few rainfalls, you're going to see your paint job running off and into the sewer. You need to use exterior paint and the right type of paint for your siding type. Not all sidings are the same, and the paint you use should vary as well. You can even paint brick, but you should use paint made for brick. The same goes for vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding. Talk to a paint professional about which types of paint are best for your home's siding.

Clean Your Siding

You can't slap paint onto a home that hasn't been cleaned first. The paint doesn't adhere as well if it's trying to cling to mold, mildew, dust, and dirt. These can also show through your paint, making your brand-new paint job look marred. Clean your siding using a siding cleaner to remove as much debris as possible, then be sure your home is completely dry before you attempt to paint it.

Make Necessary Repairs

Your home's siding should also be repaired before you paint it. If it has holes or cracks in the siding, some paint can fill them in, but larger areas should be repaired. Wood siding that is splintering should be replaced rather than painted over, as the paint will just crack and peel off eventually. Make any repairs as needed to ensure your paint job adheres properly.

If you are taking on this project on your own, be sure you do the necessary prep work and research to ensure you are doing the work correctly. If you aren't up for all of this extra work, hire a paint professional like Albrecht & Son LLC instead.