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How To Add Value To Your Home With An Addition

by Tara Pena

Home renovations can be a great way to increase the value of your home. Adding square footage can be a huge undertaking and a project that takes months to complete. Before you spend the money on getting approval from the city and hiring a contractor, do your research. Here are some spaces that are known to help you see a return on this big investment:

Bathrooms and Kitchens

One of the best ways to add value to your home is by doing a home addition and renovating a kitchen or bathroom. These spaces bring the best return for every dollar you spend. Many homes have tight spaces that can feel luxurious with the added square footage. Choosing the right materials and layout is crucial, and a home addition service professional should help guide you in these decisions. You want the addition to feel like it has always been part of the home with a seamless transition. 

Living Spaces

If your current home has a cramped dining room or family room, an addition can give your home a better place to gather. Future homebuyers want to see open spaces they can imagine their own families in. Dining rooms big enough for the extended family on holidays is always an attractive feature. Smaller living spaces are hard for furniture layouts, so adding space leaves you with many more options.


Garages are used for a variety of functions. Even if it's just to store your cars, extra space is a luxury here. Adding room for a wood shop or for more storage is a huge bonus. Garage renovations can cost a lot less than other parts of the home because they don't require the same finishes, like countertops or even drywall. You can get creative with home addition service professionals and design a more livable garage with epoxy flooring and choosing to insulate and drywall. This will make your life easier and attract many buyers down the road.

Designing your dream home additions can be an exciting process. Just remember to keep future buyers in mind if you want to make this an investment. Spend your money so you can enjoy your home now and get some of the money back later. Choose a contractor who has a lot of experience with additions and a great reputation with customers. Start getting your plans approved so you can move forward with your project today.